Engelbertus Johanna van D.

In Holland you have the official names, as they are in the registers: "Engelbertus Johanna" and more simple daily names: "Hans".

born 22 december 1937 in Haarlemmerliede(Holland).

The first three years of my life I lived with my uncle Willem and aunt Lena, because my mother died at my birth. In 1941 my father remarried and the family was reunited again in the village Lisse. I went to primary school there and later from 12 to 18 to a high school in Leiden. Later I became a teacher in primary school.
During about five years I was a teacher in primary school in Sassenheim, but in 1966 I succeeded for the first part of my study in mathematics and I became a teacher in Kerkdriel. The same year I married Tineke O., a bulbgrowersdaughter in Lisse. We moved to our first house in Kerkdriel. In 'sHertogenbosch, near Kerkdriel, our both sons, Bas (1967) and Merijn (1970), were born. In 1971 I finished my studies and had my degree in math. I became a lektor on the School for Forestry and Landreclamation in Arnhem (later "Larenstein" in Velp). We moved from Kerkdriel to Rheden.
My beloved Tineke died in 1998 of Multiple Sclerosis, the latter years I was an early pensionist to care for her.
In 1999 I met the danish Gerda on the internet and since 2000 we live together in Randers, Danmark.