My Quilts


This Quilt is made of small patches of fabric in 1981 wrapped around small pieces of cardboard. Then they are sewed together with needle and thread (no sewingmashine). After that ironing and removing all the cardboardpiecees, 2 layers behind one wadding and one lining. Finally one sew through all 3 layers with small stitches by hand around all the small patches. It's finished with an edge al around it. Click on it, and you may see it better.

For the stroller: This piece is made when my daughter gave birth to my first grandchild, Frida in 1988. The white patches are from my own daughters cradle when she was a baby herself in 1961. I got the idea for this small quilt on an exhibition with quilts. There it was hanging on a wall with an inscription: "Made for my granddaughters stroller from my own daughters small summerdresses from when she was a child herself."

 This quilt was also made for Frida in 1988 for her bed. The 2 quilts have been used for 3 children now. You can see all of them on the page My Garden, where they help me planting tulips for next year.

and I made one for myself as a wallhanging.

This is my biggest quilt, which took me one year to finish. Click on it, so you can se it better.

and this one is inspired of the logo from Aalborg Portland Cement. That blue triangle is to be seen on all their ships and trucks transporting cement made here in the city where I live.

Baskets with flowers.

and a fantasy-city. This one is made on the sewingmashine

and also this tree.

Anybody who reed this: Please help me making the text without to many mistakes....