Here I want to tell you about my family.

My brother Aksel and me in 1991, where we celebrated my mothers 88 years birthday in my house. We were only one brother and sister - and my brother died in 1993 - 69 years old.

My husband Hans and my mother. We are in a marketplace to buy small flowers to plant at home and on the graveyard in the spring 1991.

My mother celebrating her 88 year old birthday, happy and pleased. She died 2 years after my brother in 1995 after a long good life, where she since 1981 lived alone in her own house taking care of everything herself without much help. She had a stroke 1 month before her 92 years birthday and was paralyzed in her left side. My husband Hans and I took her to our house in a hospitalsbed and nursed her the last days of her life. This was the best thing I ever did...

Here we are, Hans and me in our summerhouse in the yard I mentioned in my garden pictures. He loved to go angling and afterwards he loved to make smoked trout. Here we enjoy it with strawberry as a dessert. Hans had more heartattacks and was very ill. I nursed him at home till 1 month before he died 13th of October 1997 - 2 years after my mother died. He was very helpless hes last 2 years and I was so happy I could stop working and stay home and take care of him.


So... now I live alone.

My only child Mette is 37 years old now, married with Joergen... and they have 3 children, Frida is now 10 years old, Ejner 5 - and Konrad is soon 4 years old. They live on a little farm 35 km outside Aalborg but drive uptown every day to work. In the farm they have animals, they restore the old house... and are busy like young people are today...

But sometimes I have the 3 children here with me, when the parents are going out... Then we have a great time.. They all love the computer.