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This is me in 1938, 4½ years old, near our house on Engtoftevej in Aalborg, where I growed up.
  From my nineth year i had piano lessons and later singing lessons too. The wonderfull world of classical music opened, I listened but I was also active in that world. As a child I sang in the Aalborg Children choir. Later I was a soprano in the Aalborg Philharmonic choir.

The confirmation group in the autumn of 1948 with pastor Oscar Poulsen

We were two children, my brother Aksel and me. Here you see us with our parents silverwedding in 1949.


Swimming friends form the Aalborg swimming club in 1950.

An "Esther Williams - coiffure", with braided hair on top of your head was very cool then.

Here I am on holiday in 1952 with my friend Orla, we married in 1955 and divorced later. We were members of the Danish Youth hotel society and of course we slept there. It was really very modest then, with boys and girls separated....
I had been busy sewing shirts for both of us, before we sailed from Aalborg with the "Jens Bang" to Copenhagen. The "Jens Bang" and the "Aalborghus" were two ferries sailing away every evening at eleven form Copenhagen and from Aalborg. On the ferry we slept on a bank or on deck, only the rich had money for a cabin. It was really beautifull to sail along Kronborg at sunrise on our way to Copenhagen.

As a child I went to Kristensens dancingschool in Aalborg. There were nice dancingrooms just over the Fotorama-theater on Nytorv. Now there is a McDonalds.
I was annoyed that my mother always went with me. She was sitting there, observing everything, and ater lessons she was there with warm stockings, while my friends rushed out with bare knees. Once it was nice my mother was there. It was during the war. On our way back home there was an air-raid alarm. We ran to a bombshelter under a house on Vesterbro.
When I met Orla, I wanted to dance with him. He never learned to dance, so we started as "beginners". Later we became sportsdancers with competitions. We continued to do so, till we divorced in 1959.

I got a daughter in 1961 and during many years I was a single mother. She is married now and I became grandmother of four lovely grandchildren, Frida in 1988, Ejner in 1993, Konrad in 1994 and Asta in 2000. My daughter and son in law are really special, look at their homepage: